Karaokards twitch sings bot GA

(Restored: Original date: March 7, 2020)

So I've been messing with a lot of things and now I can finally make the little chatbot public!

So what does it do?

It gives you prompts on what to sing, for when you can't decide or when you can't think.

Example interaction :

@iMartynOnTwitch: !card @karaokards: Your prompt is : Chorus contains up, down or over

Yep, that's it, that's all it does. It has an admin panel with twitch login where you can get the bot to join or leave your channel, add extra prompts you come up with and change it's magic command.

It's opensource of course, hosted at my house https://git.martyn.berlin/martyn/karaokards and it has ci that pushes to dockerhub whenever I create a new tag (quite like this bit tbh)

The quality of the code is sub-par in my perfectionist eyes but it works.

If you want it in your channel, go to https://karaokards.martyn.berlin/ and use your twitch login to add it to your channel.

Oh, the name, yeah, there was this game with physical cards and I couldn't get in touch with the author (I tried) so it was his kinda idea and the bot is an homage to his work.